Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Week Ahead

The week ahead is going to be reasonabily hectic. I have my monthly Doctor's appointment which I don't normally like to go since I have to do a blood sugar test as I hate needles. I have to send my car and my daughters car for servicing. I have also many meeting to attend and projects to resolve.....arrrgghhh.

On the positive note, I will be attending the reception of JATT (God willing) and some new frens SPA perhaps.

Looking back on the past week, it has been quite an enjoyable and productive week. Made some new frens who are also my new "RPM kaki". We seem to be bumping into each other almost everyday.

I have also found a new song to hum, ironically this one song that I have found really touching was discovered during RPM class. Usually Group Excercise songs tend to be upbeat and motivating in nature, but this song can really bring you to tears if you listen to the lyrics and i find the lyrics ironic when I am trying to cool down after a hectic 850-900 calories burnout. The song by CORRS called "Heart like a Wheel" perhaps brings back many memories.

Towards a challenging week, till then.......

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Horatio said...

i also got new song to hum. Talk by Coldplay... alang2 that day watch CSI NY lah...