Sunday, July 22, 2007

0 to 2950 feet in 1 Hour 45 Minutes - Frasers Revisit

PCC has organized a joint ride between the Mountan Bikers and the Roadies. The target, Frasers Hill. There was a huge turnout, I think there were more then 40 people who must have come for the ride.
The trip up to Gap (which i only 31km) was achieved in just 1 hour 45 Minutes. The GPS read 900m which is roughly 2952 Feet above sea level. We kinda waited for another 40 minutes for all the rest of the cyclist to arrive at Gap befoe pushing of to the clock tower at Frasers. This 10 km journey took another 1 hour. The final ascent up at the clock tower read 1233 m which is 4045 feet. That means its 1000 feet in 10km.

Reaching Frasers brings me with mixed feelings, remembering interesting moments of friends trying to hold their puke in journey to Frasers and of happier times.
Burn 4183 Calories
HR: Avg:140 Max:172
Max Speed : 56.5 km/hr

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