Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tajamkan Gergaji

For most of us in the working life, we only have about 33 hours* left of what ever hours in a particular week for self fulfillment. This is the time balance that we have per week to invest in Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Bank Account (EBA) with those we care. I think the apportionment of hours will depend on which stage of life we are at.

If we are young and single, we may spend the hours in either Physical and EBA. Just to put into context, 33 hours is not much. A typical sportsman or triathlete spend about 20 hours(minimum) per week training and competing. That means you will only have 13 hours (half a day) to spend on EBA and/or spiritual/or mental. (to see your parents, sibling, friends or reading)

If you are in the courting mode, you will be spending that 20 hours maybe in a single EBA and thus your friends will miss you. You can also throw away your sporting life, I suppose. What ever balance of the 13 hours maybe spent on physical and/or mental leaving spiritual empty.

As you grow older, maybe time maybe the balance of hours spent will be on Physical , Spiritual and Mental and thus less time is spent on EBA . Hmmm, does that explain strained relationship, one wonders.

The first challenge is to actually find the right balance and better still secondly, if you can achieve investment in at least 3 of the areas with one activity. Food for thought, don't you think so?

*Hours per week {168} - (Hours of Sleep {56} + Hours of Work {50} + Hours of Commute {15} + Hours of Necessary Indulgent - read toilet&bathing {14} ) = 33 Hours.

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