Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kajang Annual HASH

Now i remember why i hate bike hash!. I got lost twice in the route. I am not sure whether I had followed the trail wrongly or I am just plain dumb. But there are many people who got lost also. Almost 90%, hmmm..that is bad.
I think there are more then 100 bikers who turned up for the day. There is a short route of 13km or the ordinary distance of 29 km. But as usual in bike hash, u sometimes double the distance as one tends to get lost. Many familiar faces were there.
Me, Bernard and Ash arrived there very early. The actual flag off was at 9 am. We waited for almost an hour and a half. (Actually, ASH belasah je gate crash ;-). She is fast, and excellent company).
The trail itself consist of palm oil trails, rubber plantations and virgin single tracks. Like any hashes, u sometimes end up chasing shadows. The trails is a bit confusing as we later found out that the runner hash trails converge with the biking ones. I went in and accidentally came out on a short route. Not being satisfied of coming out early, I went in again into the trail, but still came out nearly the same route. It rained just as soon as I got back after doing two loops, not voluntarily. Ah well, better luck next time.


Vicious Cycle said...

ehh atleast you got lost and did 3 3 loops.

that poor chap named alvin still lost @ 1 pm!

The Editor said...

Yah lah, pity some of those jokers. Some Fakawi guys got lost until Semenyih, donno which trail they took ;-)

bola2api said...

mountain bike pun kau layan gak?

The Editor said...

bola2api: Belasah je, korang triathlete boleh buat lari dan berenang, gua terpaksa le layan MTB ;-)