Monday, October 29, 2007

Hectic Week (Past)

The week started with my first jog of the year after Mizuno. Did 3 rounds in Kiara Park on Monday and I feel as if my lung was about to burst. Repeat that on Tuesday nite while extending the route to KLGCC and back. Just to have a feel what it was going to be like during Powerman, carried on with the guys on the Tuesday nite ride. It was suffering all the way, but good.

Didn't do anymore training until Sunday, where i decided to take a short ride since I was tired from the long trip to Gerik and my brothers Wedding

Time Spent with family
Had family gathering on Wednesday nite to resolve whatever last minute arrangement for my lil brothers wedding reception to be held at Tabung Haji. It was a closed private affair and we rehearsed it with the MC and family members. The reception on Saturday went like clockwork from the moment I reached Tabung Haji at 10 am until we finished it at 5 pm.

Sent wifey to KLIA for her 1 month stint in Japan while collected my maid back from Indonesia.

Out Station Work
Went to Grik on Friday. Didnt realize that the road to Grik has been improved tremendously. Put up the nite in Ipoh, and started the journey from Ipoh at 6:30. Reached Grik at 8:00 am and waited for event to start at 10:00 am. Rushed back from Gerik at 12:00 pm and reached KL at 5:30 pm after stopping for prayers and short nap.

The week went very fast, damn I have to taper of training now for Power Man. Hang on, I haven't started training, how can I taper off.!!!!Looks like my Power Man and Presidential is DOOMED...


bola2api said...

ler.. tak tau lak u buat short ride on sunday. we cycled in putrajaya yesterday.. short ride of 45 km.

The Editor said...

yeah, i also did nearly similar distance around Sungai Buloh/ijok area. ver exhilirating ride back though

ilsor said...

did she leave the keys for the new car?