Thursday, October 18, 2007

Someone fail Maths

Puasa has just finished and I am back looking for rides that i can do to get back into training. Naturally, look into the PCC newsletter, I came across the Tar and Grime section where there was a ride anouncement that this weekend, PCC is conducting a 100km ride and its starting at 7 am. Now that starting time causes me to be a bit weee suspicious.

Fireup my GPS Mapsource programme and started searching for the route. If my memory serve me correctly, the ride to Ijok Petronas is already about 40km since it is a common popular mid point. Using the Mapsource, and asking it to calculate the route point and lo and behold, the journey to Kampung Kuantan loop is going to be about 38km. Now how does 40+38+40 make up to be 100km.
ijok loop
Dang, some riders are gonna be in a surprise mode this weekend. Be warned of bonus mileage.


eetzen said...

Hehe.. always get bonus when riding with PCC.

Anonymous said...

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The Editor said...

Anonymous: Thanks for your comments and your patronage. Yes, originally, the blog started off having a few distinct idiosyncrasis. 1) it was to document my fumbles in life, 2) It was meant as a life journal written in the form of anonymity to cover all aspect of life, 3) written in a by the way self reminder rather then a pesonal mission or objective based journal.

But I do find your suggestion interesting and the slant very scary. But i suppose thats where the adventure begins. Thanks