Monday, October 08, 2007


Sometimes it takes leadership and dicipline to break a routine and look into the social aspect of bringing people together. We are so commonly rule by schedule and routines that we forget the basics of friendship and human networking. A case in point is the get together organized by Shazly last saturday at his house in Ukay Perdana. Though it look easy to organize and get people together, but sometimes, there are no shows.

In our zest of finding time to divide our spiritual activity and exercises activity in our current busy schedule during Ramadan, this "servant of god" (hamba Allah) has got some of together at his house for potluck and get together. I take off my hat to him, it gives me a jolt and reminder that there is more to life then exercises, cycle, prayers, sleep and going to work. I have not invested enough time to catchup and expand my horizon with people.

Put some faces to people who I knew in Cyberspace like Mejar Kalam, Nurina, Abu, Mary and Kam. Others present were the usual suspect of Azwar, Ariff, Senn, Adzim, Ajeep, Azmar,Laif and Jaja. I may have left one or two names which I did not get to get (hear), sorry.

Overall, it was a nice get together and was a difficult decision on some of our parts to continue to Putra Jaya for our usual 10:30 pm ride. Our butts were having a nice get to know session with the chairs at Shazly's house (as Senn puts it) and we find it hard to extricate ourselves off the chair.


bola2api said...

chairs pun ada 'get to know' session ka?? hahahaha

The Editor said...

Ada, chairs pun macam facebook atau frenster jugak, dah mula berkenalan, tak nak bagi kita separate. Tu yang lewat pergi kayuh ;-)

PrincessRen said...

hey mac. nice to meet u in person, finally... :) so hope to cycle with u guys nxt yr... hehe

Dancing Ciken said...

i want pizza again!

i saw azwar took the hugeee one, hahaha

The Editor said...

princessren: Likewise, the feling is mutual. Hope to do many different things with u too ;-)

dancing ciken: Boleh, lets organize a get together with u and ur partner ;-)