Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Watching to much Numbers and Criminal Mind

Does your biking attire reflect your personality?

When someone suits up in a T-Shirt riding a racing bike, what does that tell about that person's personality? Does colour of cycling jersey give indication of their personality when cycling - do people with loud color have louder personality then people who rides with dull blend colour. Looking around the cyclist that I meet around the Klang Valley seems to indicate there is such correlation.

Does it matter whether you come around from a culture of Mountain Biking as oppose to road cycling? As one moves into a triathlete domain, do people change in their character?

Duh..this is what lazing around and eating a lot during Raya does for my little under worked brain.


isaac said...

BrO !! This is a very late greeting from me to you saying SELAMAT HARI RAYA !! sorry for the late msg

The Editor said...

Hey Isaac, when u coming back ka bro? We gotta catchup

eetzen said...

Mr Editor, here's a clip you should watch...