Saturday, September 08, 2007

Recover Ride to Tekala

Decided to go to the ride organized by Adzim and Bacin. They have decided to go to Broga, while Bernard and me decided to have a short ride to Tekala and back to Batu 14. Upon reaching there and seeing the crowd, i think the decision was a wise one seeing that all the riders that turn up are either mutant or triathlete minus me. I was also about to do my first 10km run the next day, and was not that keen to go anything more then 60km.

True enough, Bernard and Kim set a beeline to Tekala at a 35km/hr pace. Adzim and Ariff, not willing to take the bait stayed back at a more leisurely pace of 30 - 32km/hr, (he kinda whispered to Ariff, you know those guys are only going to Tekala). Some who followed us, we don't know how that would have fared after Tekala and Broga.

Had our nasi lemak at Tekala and pushed back to Batu 14, this time round going stairways to heaven route. Bernard, Alwin and myself were later joined by Kim Yap who also decided to do just 90km that day for another mee session at Batu 14. Went back at about 11 am to collect my bib number for the Mizuno Wave Run.

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