Friday, September 28, 2007

Preview of PCC Presidential Ride this year - MTB Event

Presidential ride is just round the corner and I haven't had time to even review, whether I have enough guts or little skill I have to go down all those downhill and narrow switchbacks. Last year , with adrenalin pumping and the innocence of adventure, I went in and attempted almost all the downhill portion. (maybe also becoz malu in front of so many girls la). This was last years report. My MTB is still under surgery with the fork rosak. Need to put in some mileage before this traumatic 60km ride. 60km in trails is equivalent to 180km on road.

Ling the Merciless has documented this well during last years Presidential Ride. Look at that downhill stretch before the end of video. That's towards the end of Loop3 which I had to literally and physically crawl out. I have never seen so many people cramp out before.

Angela Gray also covered it well from a Singaporean perspective here. This year, its going to be tougher with earlier cut off times and the expected time for average rider to come in is at 3 pm. At 3pm, i was still stuck in Loop3 last year due to an over inflated ego and not taking enough water. This year the organizer is capping registration at 600 and within 1 week of registration opening, there are already 200 applications. I think the registration may close sooner then the date due which is end of October.

Going through my checklist for the Presidential ride, lemme see:-
Bike - Not ready
Rider - Not ready
Skill - Where is it?
Registration - Done
Spares and Tools - Rat bitten

Summary - YAHOO - All set for Presidential Ride then - FOR ME TO DOOM-


Anonymous said...

how to register for the PCC mate? just read about it in the STAR.

The Editor said...

The forms are avilable at most bike shop but the closing date is soon. There is a charge of rm25/-