Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ride Direction and Tulips - Destination Batu Arang and Back

I thought I would like to spend some time this Puasa month trying to help fellow cyclist by producing ride route direction and Tulip signs for some of the more favourite ride around the Klang Valley.

The following are route direction for rides that starts from Center Point:-

Heading for Batu Arang
a) Center Point to Batu Arang via Kuang (47.5 km one way)
b) Center Point to Batu Arang via Batang Berjuntai/Selangor Fruit Farm ( 69.5 km one way)

Coming back from Batu Arang
a) Batu Arang to Center Point via Guthrie Corridor (42.5 km one way)
b) Batu Arang to Center Point via Puncak Alam (53.3 km one way)


tryathlete said...

miss the interstate, huh?

why not do tulips for our tuesday night ride. that can be quite confusing for newbies.

The Editor said...

Your request shall be granted, sooooon ;-)

eetzen said...

Thank you very much Mr Editor.

Maran said...

This is great BigMac. :) Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

eh eh, bagus, but semuanya one way ticket ya.. pergiy tak ya balik ya...kekekeke rpmer

The Editor said...

eetzen: Make good use of it ;-)

maran: ;-)

anonymous: One way to Batu Arang, one way from Batu Arang to Center POint, Go and coming back what. Did I miss another point ;-)?

Anonymous said...

kekekek, i