Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some Clips from Interstate2007

Day 1 - Getting out of Ipoh

This is from Ipoh to Bukit Berapit near Taiping

Day 2 - From Taiping Golf resort to Bukit Mertajam

Day 3 - Crossing the Penang Bridge to Queensbay Mall

Enjoy, while I figure out what to write!!!


Dancing Ciken said...

me too! interstate rawks!

thx bro

bola2api said...

alah bosan.. takleh tengok :P

si1ver said...
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si1ver said...

It was real pleasure riding 3 exiting days of interstate for me . Full of action all the way till end . Although I had tire pressure trouble throughout the tour, the support was excellent ( Thanks Mac and PK )managed to avoid the support car and stayed on the bike the whole tour.Frankly I would not have it any other way .

Vicious Cycle said...

i am sure the support given isnt just amount to those whom blog.

however credit is due to those
whom planned this prior 8-9 months ago and those yester-years

for me i am just a bystander.

The Editor said...

dancing ciken: yeah looking forward to next interstate2008

bola2api: Kat rumah takde broadband ke?

si1ver: Sometime people forget that its a community ride, support is from everyone. No participant also, no tour, hence no enjoyment ;-)

vicious: Yeah, credit is due to James, William and Ivan who were the Group coordinator, Route Marshall and Logistics Marshall. Me, I am just an MC for the day ;-)

Anonymous said...

ehhh, betul editor. It is an impressive organizing work by the committees...James & the wife, william, Ivan & the pretty daughters....Excellent work, Two thumbs up.

I ingat skang banyak sudah post interstate depression..wakakaka asking for when is the next ride...rpmer

The Editor said...

rpmmer:Yeah, m suffering post interstate depression like mad. Have to plan for next year Interstate. Need to keep up with first two peloton ;-O