Thursday, September 20, 2007

Morning Rituals

7 days of fasting and its now becoming a ritual of coming down at about 4:45 am , sitting down at the table, starring at food on the table and your eyes, mind, stomach and body is having a debate of what to do.

Pick up that rice and curry (Mind says)
Huh (retort body)
Can we go to
the toilet first (says stomach)
Take a drink first then (says mind)
I dowant, I protest, am not awake yet (says hand)

Debate goes on and on for 15 minutes.............


Mohd Shazly Khan said...

haha.. dats a good one!

The Editor said...

Shazly: U been excercising or working out sir?

bola2api said...

weh.. ini macam i when i was in primary school... takkan u teruk camni mac?

suruh la bini u goreng ikan masin or rebus telur masin for sahur.. nasi dgn nasi. that's what i did.. sahur buleh habis nasi sepinggan :)

Anonymous said...


boleh je makan nasi tu. But after the debate is over la.

Coz then the eyes, body, mind and stomach decides to cooperate so that they can get the ritual over with. =)


The Editor said...

bola2api: dah..nak kena coorperate dengan bini punya mind lak!!! Kalau bini sanggup masak...dia punya mind, body and sould maybe lagi tak coordinated.

Anonymous: Must wake up earlier la tu ;-)