Monday, September 17, 2007

Cleaning up of Database

It is that time of year again, I am cleaning up my contact database. I normally categorize my contacts in the following manner:-
a) Adopted relatives - These are buddies that I can rely upon and willing to help me physically and financially, we commonly engage in some form of contact once every few days either by text or otherwise. I can also share some form of secret.
b) Buddies - These are often contacted people which I have some form of engagement either virtually or physically at least once a week and can be relied upon for assistance.
c) Friends - People who engage with me in a two way conversation once every month or so and have met and did some projects.
d) Acquaintance - People who I just met and have no knowledge of their background but I need to have their contact in my address book for business.
e) Strangers - People whom I have no knowledge but calls me out of the blue.

I only keep in my address book (a) to (d) only. Some have been in communicado for ages and and I have relegated them to an (e) and my immediate thots is to remove them from the address book. As I will be changing my mobile number soon, I need to copy some of these critical numbers to the SIM card and I would like to apologize if u have been relegated to an (e) as I noticed some of the contacts in my SIM card have not been useing for ages and neither have been contacting me at all (for all u know, these numbers are aready invalid).


bola2api said...

aku rasa macam aku kategori E jer hehehe

The Editor said...

bola2api:Eh, u kan selau chat wif me using gchat ;-)

Anonymous said...

when I call & hear "who is this please?" then I know m in cat (e).....;)rpmer

The Editor said...

anonymous rpmer: Or you could be calling the right number in the wrong hands....