Monday, January 16, 2006

The Four Amigoes

Inspired by Pick Yin and Mel

Four Jobs you've had in your lives:
  • Marine Structural Engineer, Systems Developer, Network & Security Administrator, Internet & Security Consultant
The last four movies you saw:
  • The 40 year old Virgin, Memoirs of a Geisha, Fantastic Four, Madagascar
Four dream destination
  • Oslo, Gold Coast, Auckland, Munich
Four recent conversation topics:
  • Apparels for exercise, Reducing Aches and Pain, In and out of love, Initiating Startups
Four websites you visit daily:
Four of your favorite food:
  • T-Bone steak with Mash, Mee Rebus Dali (Aji Don Alley), Marble cheesecake, Magnum ice cream.


pacal said...

hehehe and the customary, and for me

The Editor said...

One of them rank number 5 for me, I think.;-)

spoonfork said... is a staple

The Editor said...

[pacal] Hmmm... interesting website, the other two that you suggest ;). It can be by top four but alas, my org's firewall has it blocked ;(

[spoonfork] Wow another winner, tough choice now.

I guess, I wont have time for technologies anymore. I guess I owe it to both of you as I migrate from Technologist to weirdo and pervert ;)