Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rekindling an Interest

My outlook of life has always been through third party or friends. I get a lot of satisfaction in seeing them succeed while I choose to gloat privately. However, I now am not sure whether, is this just an excuse for me not being able to act on my own or is there truth in seeing the successes of others.

I also realize that I have always been dependent on friends and enjoy company of friends be it man or women. Somehow this does not give me the confidence to act on my own accord. So for the year 2006, I have made a resolution to try other activities which expands my horizon while trying to be slightly independent and indirectly enlarge other circle of friends.

It is not that the current colleagues and friends are not important, contrary to that, they are my saviour. However, one such casualties have made me reflect on myself and I thought maybe I should rekindle my interest in photography.

I have spent quite a significant time doing my research at sites such as these Digital Photography Review which gives excellent lab review and camera usability test. Friends have also written articles on choice of camera here and advice sought from others [you know who you are;-)]

Ultimately, the choice of camera lies with yourself really and of what you believe the value that the camera brings to you. As usual, always playing it safe and concern of phenomena of "Hot-hot chicken shit", I chose to stay on middle ground and stay with a mid range camera choice. Will provide updates as I familiarize myself back with photography.

Anyhow, thanks to all of U.


spoonfork said...

what happened to joining a gym?

The Editor said...

That is another of my 2006 resolution. Joining a Gym ironically for me requires support group due to my lack of will power. I may need a friendly partner to drive and guide me ;-).

leafbug said...

gym sounds good... *hrmmm* 2006's resolution?

spoonfork said...

guidance and support? oh please. just step to the one at the curve and you'll be itching to back in there again.

you know.

Levin said...

Glad to see you're rekindling interest in photography. It's very satisfying to snap a good picture.

Besides, going outdoors (and going out of the way sometimes) to get that one special shot is reasonably good exercise (can't beat the gym tho').

Hope you can share your photos.

Cheers! :)

The Editor said...

[spoonfork] Thats the kind of motivation that worries me. I need guidance on which dumb bells to focus on, there maybe a lot over there (especially at the Curve).

[Levin & Yusmar] Perhaps we can get together for a photography retreat. I sure can benefit from both of U.

propellerhead said...

is it 'hot hot chicken shit' or 'chicken shit is hot hot'? just wondering...