Sunday, January 29, 2006

Templates of Movies

Eve of the Lunar New Year (note I chose the word Lunar as oppose to Chinese as the Chinese are not the only race that celebrate this event) to get out an about to tidy up my outstanding errands. This include among others reopening my long barred Celcom number, shopping for gizmos and helping friends connect themselves.

Dreading the jam, I was assured that the Chinese normally stay home by this time and I should have a breeze of a time going to complexes. Assurance were nearly spot on but for one single fact, the complexes were jam packed by people of other race and creed till one cannot move unless u want to engage in a bum shuffling contest. Having half the shops closed also does not help the situation.

By afternoon, I was gracefully "enrolled" to keep friends company watching "Memoirs of a Geisha". Not that it is not a good movie, but I don't normally like to see this type of movie lest exposing the "softer" side of my nature in public. Yup, halfway through the movie, images of James Clavell "Shogun" and Colleen McCullogh "Thorn Bird" came to mind. The other half was spent on "analysing" the movie on its worthiness (read lame excuse for not wanting to engage in the emotional scene). This evidently translated to uncomfortable shifting of body positions and pretext of sleeping.

Ironically, I do find Hollywood movies of this type seems to go through a template of sorts. You can substitute the actors with a different set and you called them Shogun, and when you substitute with aliens and robots, you call them Star Wars. Instead of having Richard Chamberlain or Tom Cruise fighting using Samurai swords, you can have Yoda and Darth Vader with their light sabers.

Having actors and actresses made famous from Kung Fu type movie also does not help. I cannot but wait in eagerness for Michelle Yeoh to fly across ala The Touch and the The Baron suddenly makes death defying jumps ala Mortal Kombat. Well, that will be an interesting feat to see happening in a movie about ladies displaying their art in kimono.

Well, the day ended reasonably well, except that I was so darn tired and fatigue, that putting up a friendly front becomes such a chore and trying to be good company among friends becomes almost unbearble. Dreading that there could be uncontrollable outburst in the car or during dinner, i was fairly quiet rest of the nite. It was not until reaching home and switching on my computer, that I was greeted by a friendly note of sanity check by a friend who thought I was in an angry mood, that made me remember the whole purpose of friendship. Now that really made my day.

Maybe I do need to study these movie templates, you never could tell. These blog posting and others could be turned into another blockbuster, if I can brand it together with Steven Speilberg!!!


pacal said...

tengok mov dengan sapae tu... hehehehe

The Editor said...

Dengan close friends. Hint: Its in 1-Utama, close to the house.