Thursday, January 05, 2006

Petition for a 28 Hours day

I am really in need for an additional 4 hours extra in a day. The amount of time spent daily now seems not enough (tak cukup) for me to get through without feeling exhausted. Taking a typical snapshot of a day in my life:-
a) Journey to and from work - 3 hours
b) Time spent in Office (incl lunch) - 11 hours (average)
c) Time spent on spiritual healing (incl. reading on throne) - 1.5 hours
d) Prep, cleansing, grooming, ungrooming, bathing etc - 1.5 hours
e) Unwinding, Dinner, Self actualization, TV, catching up with news etc - 3 hours

That leaves me 4 hours of sleep in a day.

Now , if I want to include Blogging, visiting friends and oogling at girls at The Curve, then I may have to forgo sleep. Now, if I also include the time spent on pissing off some of my friends, I may have to cut back on grooming and bathing. Well, not that I have not become a zombie before, but can whoever programme the day extend it by just another 4 hours for people like me get a little more rest so that we can engage in more intellectual discourse.

Who was it that thought up this 24 hours day? Please can we revised it to be a 28 hours or 30 hours day, especially coming to this digital Age. Anyone wants to volunteer to signup this petition?


pacal said...

pi duk kat venus

Pick Yin said...

cut down on the oogling portion. can save 1/2 hour.

The Editor said...

[rosli] Duduk kat Venus pun, tak cukup hari.

[pick yin] I wish I can, but the view at Curve is so irresistable. Especially, when the crowd from Fitness First drops by. Barristas aat Starbux are so fascinating. Half hour is understating

Pick Yin said...

owh the crowd from fitness first >:)
look out for this one -->>

Levin said...

28 hours only ah? Enuf mehh?

The Editor said...

[pick yin] Ahh....only a blind person will miss such an ageless beauty like that one.

[levin] For the time being 28 hours is about right, lest U want more time for bed and bed activites ;)