Friday, January 27, 2006

Having "Celery" for breakfast

Finally, made the brave move of registering and going to the Gym. After some coaxing and motivational speeches by close friends of mine, I made the plunge. Typical of me, playing it safe and not wanting to go through another of my famous "Hot-hot chcken shit" actions, I registered with a small but convienient Gym and Spa outlet close to where i work and immediately got on with the programme.

Trying to find whatever available time for exercise can be a big pain in the you know where for a guy working in the center of KL. I eventually settled to doing it in the morning, where I will have to reach the Gym by 6:40 am. That means I am out of the house now by 6:05 am, out with all the early shift workers. The only advantage now is that I save RM3.20 of toll rates by not using my normal NPE route.

I normally start off with light warming up exercise and 5 minutes of Cycling. This is subsequently followed up with 20-25 minutes of treadmill so that my heart rate hit 140-145 and ending up on the cycle for another 20 minutes or so. Have been doing this for the last 2 weeks on a daily basis and am begining to feel quite comfortable with this routine. I normally try to burn about 250-300 calories in this initial stage.

But man, was I really out of shape, since I was gasping for air on the first few days. For someone who has a black belt in Tae Kwan Do , a school tennis player and weight lifter, man I am a sorry picture and a typical slob (what you normally see in Fat adverts). At this junture, though I have lost 12 kilos since my acquaintances with my Doctor, I am still a heavy 100 kilos. I have been set a target of 85 kilos if I ever want to have a fighting chance of surviving my diabetes. These 8 days of exercise has some positive results and am quite please with the results so far.

My only concern is to identify and monitor when the feeling of laziness will creep in so as to disturb my momentum and delegate these activites to just a fad. Then it could be another of the famous "Hot-hot chicken shit" phenomena again. Well, we have to wait and see how this goes.

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