Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Points to Ponder - Self indulgent

It has been a very colorful weekend to say the least and coupled with a very exhausting Raya. I made some new friends and met some old friends. Ironically, it has been a very philosophical few days. I guess these philosophers chooses to come out of the closet, gang up together and chose the last few days to pose interesting points of views for me to ponder.

a) Why do you spent RM200/- a month to see the Doctor for medication when you can spent less then that at the Gym to get your health back?
b) You seem to allocate quite a bit of time for your friends, when are you allocating time for yourself? Are your friends more important to you then your own self?
c) How is it that you can help people get a job and you can't get one for yourself?
d) Why are you living your life with full of redundancy? (referring to my habit of having two of everything - wallets, notebooks, handphones and ironically cars too)

and a few more which I feel best not to publish at this point of time. I had hope these were rhetorical questions which I need not answer, but discussions do bring a different perspective of life. All great questions, which need to be answered in the coming weeks, I suppose.

Watch this space.....

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