Thursday, January 05, 2006

Get Well my friend

It is a very humbling experience to go to the General Hospital Kuala Lumpur especially to visit a friend who has been warded for extended fever. Commonly not a case where it warrants to be warded, but because he is also a sufferer of Chronic Luekemia, the Doctor could not take any chances of him having any form of infection which may affect his Leukemia.

Having to step in to the wards of GHKL, not only brings back memories of Cataract surgery I had 9 years ago, but also reminders of how much I detest hospitals. After watching him enduring 1.5 bottles of drip and his raising confidence level, I left. You can read about him and his musings here.

Get well, my friend.....

Update (5/1/2006 - 1000am). Jatt is still in the ward due to rising body temperature. Doctor is still keeping him under observation.

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