Saturday, December 03, 2005

12th Planet - Worth a read??

Zechariah Sitchin seems to hypothesis that there was advance life in the Universe and this advance life forms has visited us many thousand of years ago. He also postulated that these advance lifeform are the ones that has "intervened" the normal evolution and and using the base humanoid at that time created "man" in the image of themselves to be slaves. These advance life form was implied to have come from the realms of the 12th Planet.

Ironically the date of the book predates the recent discovery of what seems to be the 12th planet in our solar system. Sitchin based his hypothesis on Babylonian and Sumerian historical records which is somewhere in the region of 2500 to 4000 BC. Sitchin also tried to reinforce his argument with certain assertions that the recorded storyline of the Babylonian and Sumerian records are very much similar to that of the religous scriptures both in events and stories recorded.

Though I find the book to be a bit long winded in its approach and argument put forth, the latter chapters are interesting in its attempt to decipher and translate Babylonian and Sumerian language to the common historical events documented in the scriptures. The argument seems plausable and reasonably convincing to bring the reader to think that the explaination put forth could be the missing link. This argument if true may reconcile the differences between the darwinian theory of evolution and the holy scriptures of the world. It is this premise that I think Sitchin is trying interject and base his theory on.

A good read, albeit there is lots of details to comprehend and arguments to follow and linked.

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