Saturday, December 17, 2005

An ASS of Me without U

Man, I sure became a laughing stock for another idiotic mistake of taking things for granted and "assume" that friends Pentium 4 means Centrino. Having collected a DELL Widescreen Pentium 4-M (Nvidia, 1.25G RAM and 40Gb HD) and having installed the Mac OSX on it, spent the last week trying to configure the Nvidia to support the wide resolution and getting the wireless to work. GREAT Intent, BAD execution.

You would have thought one of the latest DELL widescreen comes with wireless, wouldn't you.? (Now, that is a rhetorical question). No, I was trying to make the OSX to recognize the wireless card when there was none in the first place. When did I find that out?, when I was returning the notebook to the owner and profusely apologizing to him on my inability to configure his DELL wireless to work . He gave me a chagrin look and said "Well, it would have been marvelous if you could, since there was no wifi card in there at all". He and another colleage spent the whole 5 minutes laughing their heads off.

Man, was I stooooopid. I had to rationalized and console myself that at least I made both of them happy. Another of those casualties..........what can I say.


spoonfork said...

i once mistaken jalan perak for jalan tun perak, hence missing an important interview in the process because i was so adamant that the place was in jalan tun perak. who knows there IS a jalan perak.

Levin said...

If it's any consolation, laughter is good for health. So consider it a good deed done (at the expense of your pride). :)

The Editor said...

[Spoonfork] Fortunately there is a Jalan Perak, did you get the job eventually or did you just pass on ;-)?

[levin]Well, at that time laughter wasn't on my mind since the guys were laughing their sides out at me. I was more disgusted with myself for missing a simple question. I also was more worried that they will blog my stupidity faster then I wud.

spoonfork said...

i pass it on and finally agreed with myself that the best thing to do next time is to write things down, rather than relying on decaying brain cells.