Monday, December 26, 2005

Ho - Ho - Ho - Where will my diet go?

It has been a very interesting weekend to say the least. Much has been spent mainly on food (I know who would enjoy this greatly though). Since, plodding along with friends from one joint to another, I thot maybe it will be interesting to share the experience in documenting the food preparation in some of this joints.

[Soul(ed) Out]

Interesting layout. You have a selection of Open air or Aircond Dining environment. In the aircond area upstairs, you also have a choice of a family type siting area with lounge chairs and eating table with TV.

Menu selection covers the normal western, american/mexican food (nacho etc) and eastern (teriyaki chicken etc). Wine list and apperitifs and mocktails are quite nice albeit a bit on the expensive side. Waiters are fast, and service is very quick.

Food on the Western Menu side is nothing to shout about, as I have seen better Western Sets at Cable Car, Chillis and Jakes. The Salads and Terriyaki is ok and reasonably tasty but not outstanding, but better then some of the Japanese fast food outlets. The Tandoori and Kebab are quite spicy and tasty, which I think is above average. The drinks and apperitifs are interesting with nice choice. Overall, its a nice place and setting to hang out. Price - is equivalent to that of Chilis or TGIF. My choice here would be Shish Kebab, Roast Beef Salad and Chicken Terriyaki.

[Cable Car - Sunway Pyramid]

Typical Restaurant setting with booth ala Penang Cable Car. My choice would be the window side with view of the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. Good place for family dining though, may not have setting for private dinner though.

Menu Selection covers western (which covers escargot to steak) and Local (Yong Chow fried rice and Laksa). The drink list is fairly normal if not basic, i suppose to cater for local choice. Waiters are ok and seems inexperience on some occassion. This is made up by their friendly service though.

Food on the Western side is above average, tho not as good as Jakes or Chilis but is fairly juicy and nicely done. However, I normally prefer baked potatoes with my steak which they serve here with fries. The Local dishes are done quite well and I would say that this Restaurant is a safe bet for local delicacies. Don't expect any fancy choice of drinks here. Price is worth the volume for this kind of setting. My preference here would be the T-Bone Steak, Salad and oxtail Soup.

[Aji-Don Alley - Plaza Damas]

Gerai Stalled Food Eatery with some covered eating areas with hard benched stools and outdoor styled timber table. Located near one of the hotel and on the Plaza Level, it faces the courtyard with fountains and artificial running "streams".

Menu Selection covers Western (Waffles and Steak) and Locals (Moontarbuck, Mee Dali, Kacang Pol, Kuey Teow Kerang/Udang etc). My choice here would be the Mee Dali, Kuey Teow Goreng or the Kacang Pol. The Mee Dali on Friday and Saturday has marvelous Tulang as add in.

The food here is excellent for me that is, except that becoz of the seating is limited and the place is popular , you seems to feel chased out as people keep queuing for seats and you are somehow in the rush to eat. To avoid this, I usually hang there early but the window of eating is to short. Price is reasonable and worth the investigation.

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