Friday, December 23, 2005

It is that time of year

It is that time of year:-
  1. When your boss calls you for your performance appraisal, and you keep wondering why are there not enough days for you to perform.
  2. When your friends go back to their kampung, leaving you writing nonsensical blogs like this
  3. When your colleagues go on a long holiday weekend while U try to figure out what to do with your life tomorrow
  4. When you start wondering whether your next year resolution is the same as before or does it matter in the first place.
  5. When your pocket gets empty due to expenditure on school books and uniform for your kids for next year.
  6. When agencies calls you up for services unbeknown to them as they need to do Christmas Shopping
  7. When there are flurry of parties and "kenduri" for you to attend, but you are on a strict diet and trying to watch your weight.
  8. When you realize that you have 40 odd days of leave for which you need to finish, but when you take it, you are still called to the office.
  9. When you have to travel out of town for a a business planning sesssion for next year for which there are absent of internet, and you need the net for planning in the first place.
  10. When all your staff seems helpful since it is time to appraise them.

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