Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2005 in Reflection - [POEM]

2005 in Reflection - Journey

2005 has been a year to remember,
A lot of action and a splendid candor,
It has been a year faced without regret,
Though some events that I chose to forget.

Diabetes causes me to be lethargic,
Falling asleep while driving can be tragic,
If I want to carry on living, to see my wife,
Exercise and diet will be part of my life.

Working with friends who requires assistance,
Mentoring and guiding with little persistence,
To these good people, I am sure they could,
Succeed with greatness, they truly would.

A great event was held in late September,
A Hacking Conference, that everyone remembers,
A gathering of friends and experts, is nothing new,
I found it proud to be part of the crew.

Around the world, speakers and participants came,
Skills, capabilities none that are lame,
Memorizing tutorials can be great for action,
Short skirt and big tops can be such a distraction.

Rediscovering the Net, a new found love,
Blogging and writing as free as a dove,
Making new friends as the days go on,
Realizing new impetus, a chapter is born,

A close friend of mine told me he is sick,
Not realizing how bad, i deserve to be kick,
His news came to me as a great big shock,
The impact was great, feels like been knocked.

To my daughters, who excelled I'm truly proud,
Getting 8 As and thus removing all my doubts,
You did not get your brains from me as you now know,
Must come from your mother, it just goes to show.

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