Thursday, December 01, 2005

Should we all be NICER? [POEM]

Browsing to a fellow blogger website, and sharing his displeasure of many self claimed experts, i thot maybe i shud remind my friends and I as to the perils of being a Security Consultants (not that I am). Here is my feeble attempt at a poem:-

Ode to Security Specialist

There was once a security analyst,
Whose job was based on best practice,
Tried to hack into a computer host,
Failed in attempt hence he cannot boast

He then saw opputunity and went into teaching,
So that he can carry on live long preaching,
Talking and dreaming are his ability,
Not a great contributor to the society

Believing himself to be the greatest,
Arming himself with the latest,
Notebooks, knowledge and a U degree,
Adding to his title a CISSP.

Showing it off, work as a consultant,
Don't understand the detail, also reluctant.
Bullshiting his way through and through,
Getting admirers in everything he do.

Carrying out pen test he tries to do,
Its not something done in the loo,
Outsource to a team done remotely,
Giving client impression that it was easy.

Conducting a class on security Audit,
Attendees went back not comprehending it,
Content provided was a great big crap,
Souvenir was great, got a big cap.

Security is not acquired just by learning,
It has to be reinforced by also doing.
Understanding details is also good,
Managing controls, one truly should.

Inbuilt Security into design rigourously,
Managing all the processes, continously,
Looking for vulnerabilities is what we do,
Conduct system patch, let me remind U.

Security is not something that U can talk,
Just from your ass, go take a walk.
To all you good people make sure you do
Research and study to live it through,

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