Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Romancing the Net

I was looking back at my involvement with the internet, and to think I have been toying with it close to 13 years scares the life of me. There is a reason why I am relooking at this "history".

My first acquintance when trying to connect to the internet was ironically was through the setting up of a Bulleting Board service using a software called Remote Access. However, when JARING came to town, my colleage and I went to Exchange Square to queue up to get our own account JARING account. We were advised to bring along a few diskette to copy a programme called SNUUPM and SLIP packet driver. Met this lady by the name of Sham who also helped us choose from a thick (like 4 inches) of listing of newsgroups for us to get support.

A few month later, got updates from this gentlemen called MAL (didn't know who he was at that time) that there is this new up and coming services called web/http. Telling us that new thingy was going to revolutionlize the Net, trying to explain that it was an evolution of this technology called Gopher. Said that if we want to try it out, we need to come and collect a software called Mosaic. Well, we know what Mosaic turn out to be and how the Net went on like wildfire. That was the year 1994.

At the same time, I was dabling with something that got my eye at the time called Linux. I remember that the kernel at the time was 1.0.9. Was trying to fiddle around with this software and boy, did I find it very useful. Didn't know how great an impact it soon become, until recently when I was rummaging through the my files and found some configuration files to configure uucp, innd, fwtk and a"patchy" server. In fact I managed to save one organization RM25k at the time with this rudimentary server running DNS, Web, Mail and News.

The reason I was reminiscing, was that I was trying to do some research on the time lag on the realization and introduction of application with respect to the introduction of technologies. I came across the fact that applications like the light bulb,water heater and oven came about many years later after the introduction of electricity, in fact 30 years to be exact for the first application to be introduced. Now with the Internet, what is that lag time like? Is it 3 years, 5 years or much later. Seems that the lag time is different for different countries.

So, is this lag time also an indicative of the social development and/or assimilation level of knowledge in the country, one wonders ;-)?


pacal said...

IT da tak wurld lagi, now you have grapik designers that think they are the shiznit jus because the know html. Where sys4dmin and c0ders who knows php, perl, c, sh skrip gets chump change.. T3chies unite - we revolt

The Editor said...

Techies seems to be selling ourselves short becoz we are logical. Other people have thrown logic away and settle for greediness.