Saturday, December 10, 2005


My blog is a month old. I am not sure whether to celebrate or to ponder and maintain silence for it also happens to be the day before a major casualty. It is quite an irony that what started off as my experiment and excercise for me to learn about writing, has now evolved into a place where I seek solace and therapy. I find that as I write, I began to find peace and put observation, thought process and emotions to "electronic paper" .

As I write and reflect on the support given by colleagues who have been patient with me, I wish them the best and would like to give them due recognition one of these days. I owe them quite a lot, though we barter trade and services regularly, I think they deserve better to be better compensated.

I am also new to this new media and its trust and recognition model. I also find it intriguing that though there are some parellism in life, there are also ironic differences. This new media can sometimes be, not forgiving with mistakes as indirect documentation becomes part of life. As I troll the Net and "Google" my name, it is very scary to find pictorial and documentary evidence of my postings and presentations done as far back as 1994. I also find it uncomfortable having to see photographs of me in the "younger" days.

Ironically the manner, character and mode of posting for me seems consistent (I think) when its in the newsgroup or the web. Friends remarked that my response and comments are sometimes to stolid, formal and "needs to loosen up". Guys, I am trying!!.

Anyway,"Let us move forward to our new Ventures", I thought to myself.


Liyana Mahizzan said...

yes daddy. loosen up.

hohoho!! I'm hereeeee~!

And old photos of you in your "younger-long-time-ago" photos are funny!

The Editor said...

Hi Liyana,

Which of the photo are U, the left or the right. Do I remind U of your dad? You must have a very interesting and solemn dad then. Wish I have daughter sounding as cheerful as you here.