Thursday, December 08, 2005

Songs of Christmas (Carol)

I was sitting down as usual in my normal Coffee establishment at the Straights and hearing this Christmas Carol and was wondering, maybe I should sing to Christmas Carol my way and with my wordings. Well, here goes and early attempt :-

Twelve day of Hacking Course (sung to the Twelve day of Christmas)

On the first day of Hacking Course
My tutor gave to me
A program from a script kiddie,

(second day) Two scanner programs
(third day) Three Backdoor Tools
(forth day) Four Wifi sniffers
(fifth day) Five War Dialers
(sixth day) Six Tools for Phishing
(seventh day) Seven Phone Phreakers
(eighth day) Eight Trojan codes
(nineth day) Nine Password Crackers
(tenth day) Ten Tools for Spoofing
(eleventh day) Eleven Lines of Codes
(twelve day) Twelve List of Hacksites

I am dreaming of a White Notebook (sung to White Christmas)

I am dreaming of a White Notebook
Just like the ones I had just broke,
Where the screen are vivid,
And the background are livid,
Just like the colour of the snow.

I am dreaming of a White Notebook
With every visit that I see,
May your hands go shaky,
And your budget go flaky,
Until you had it packed for me.


pacal said...

beli jela itu powerbook, joe

The Editor said...

Neber Mind, maybe some good samaritan would donate me one, if not the Powerbook at least the iPOD nano. It is the season of giving ;-). I have many frens who celebrate christmas and Raya Haji.

Maybe I should put up a wish list.